The battle....

Sephiroth looked up and tapped me on my shoulder."Look..." He pointed towards the sky and I grabbed my sword."Get ready for battle.." Sephiroth smiled and said,"Already there!" He jumped forward and slashed at them. They fell down and some scatered."GO! Now!" I jumped backwards and landed on one of their heads."See ya!" I snapped his neck and Sephiroth stabbed someone backwards."We have to move fast! NOW!" We started running towards the end of the bridge however they continued to come."Watch out!" I jump kicked one and Sephiroth hit one."Let's go!" We started up again but it was too many."We're gonna have to put up a fight!" I smiled back at him."I hear ya!" We got in our fighting stance and was ready.....for ANYTHING!
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How about we start a story on some battle. Cloud can be included too! It starts off on a highway and it's on fire. You are standing there and I'm behind you. We start discussing matters such as defeating the SOILDERS or something to that. What do you think? Any ideas?
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............................ok thennnnnnnnn

we um dont except their invitations *ahem* ok lets for now cloud work together OMG i cannot i said that alright lets do this so we strat to just destroy these new SOILDERS and i strat to get bored hey cloud think i should use the nova this is getting boring ?
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all right new story hmmmmm ok after the huge battle we umm are about send the final blow when all of a sudden millions ofspace ships appear full new soilders and they demand that we come back and help make a jenova ok lets cloud i think should see what they are up to lets agree for now hold igot to get something from the rubble ok i got it lets go

Immmmmm backkkkkkkkkk

i think its time we start a new story sephiroth........this time better.....iwas thinikin we team up......then betray each other....or sumthin really stupid happens and we fuse.........and have 2 fight a reincarnation of jenova or sumthin